вторник, 2 октября 2007 г.


Can you imagine I gonna study Spanish here!!! I have decided I wanna one more foreign language. I wanted to take French but they don't have it. That's why I took Spanish. I'm looking forward for the classes. We have 3 Spanish guys here so I will have practice :) I will go there with my roommate Edyta.
Hopefully I will like it )))

воскресенье, 30 сентября 2007 г.

Всем привет ) Теперь у меня есть доступ к Wireless в университете, поэтому пишу на русском со своего компа. Это очень здорово, т.к. я могу сидеть в любой точке универа и использовать инет.
Сегодня по идее первый день учебы, но лекции почему-то нет... Поэтому сижу в аудитории с остальными и стучу клавишами :)
Вчера приехала девочка из Польши. На английском и не немецком говорит очень хорошо, почти как на родном. Короче мы теперь живем вчетвером. Мне все мои соседи очень нравятся, очень приветливые. Вчера я готовила ужин: овощи с курицой. Получилось не очень вкусно, но зато полезно.
Вообще мне здесь нравится. Интересные люди, много нового. Всего нас 45 студенов по обмену. Только 2 русских: я и девочка из Томска. Много народу из Польши и Турции.
2 первые недели нам разрешено менять предметы и расписание. Я вот думаю взять 1 или 2 на немецком.

понедельник, 24 сентября 2007 г.

First of all I would like to thank my friends for the comments. I really appreciate it.
Now I don't feel so lonely like in the first days. On saturday I was going for a walk with two guys from our group: finn and hungarian. They are funny especially the finnish guy but we don't understand each other well.
Today was the first day of german course. First we had a test - simple one - after that a lesson. There are people who already speak german so the teachers organised a group for such students. That's good coz there some students who don't speak german at all and I was afraid it would be boring to study all together. Because first only one group was planed.

I have bought a new SIM-Card. So, my new number is +4917676198914.

My health is much better now. I'm almost ok.

Write me how are you there to vkontakte or email. I gonna make my laptop find wireless in the Hachhochschule tomorrow coz now I can't get a program for that. Then I will have access to ICQ and SKYPE.

пятница, 21 сентября 2007 г.


I'm in Germany, my friends ) I feel lonely coz I live alone in the flat (my neighbours haven't come yet). I'm a little bit ill - cought cold at the last day before coming here. Unfortunately I don't have internet in my room, but I have it in the university, so I'll write from there. But I'm in Germany and that's great )

четверг, 9 августа 2007 г.

I feel you are here...

Well, I have some difficulties with my German visa. I have a risk not to get it in time. I'm really worried about it. I'm doing my best to go through it. I hope everything will be ok. In the previous message I wrote I was an optimist. So I hope that finally I'll go to Germany.
And the thought that somewhere far from my place there is another person who is thinking of me, who countenance me, sympathize with me. I feel it and that really helps me. Thank you honey. Sure I would like you to be closer to me but I know it's impossible now. I see you are so careful to me. I really appreciate it and you know about it. Thank you...

понедельник, 6 августа 2007 г.

Something has changed

One moment you realize that something has changed... I just need to think...

воскресенье, 5 августа 2007 г.

My mum's car

Well, I'm at home... I had to come earlier because of an accident that happened to my mum more precisely to her car :( The window was broken and the tennis bag was stolen... Unpleasantly :( I came to upload her spirit. The car is insured so we'll get money, but the bag with our tennis equipment is unlikely to get back...
So today was not the best day in my life but I'm optimist: the car isn't stolen and isn't damaged in the accident and at least the most important thing: my mum is ok. I love her, I love all my family... My mum is going to Finland for ca. 10 days tomorrow... I'll miss her